adam pizurny

Centaspike & Indidjinous – Primordial Resistance

Forge – New Beginnings EP

Molecular Music

Ryan Boudinot – Projekt posmrtného života

Re-Imagine EP

Biostacis – Re:Generation

Juraj Červenák – Železný polmesiac

Technical Itch – Seed of Design EP

Juraj Červenák – Krv prvorodených

Millhouse – Event Horizon

Kosheen – Solitude

Juraj Červenák – Mŕtvy na Pekelnom vrchu

Decoder & Substance – Dimensions

The Hybridz – New Dimensions EP

Kilvey – Corners Comes Creeping

Biostacis Revisited

MilWalker – Escapism

Acoustic Disorder @ Cross

Torch EP

Furi Anga Remixes

Sven Nalis – Different Stories EP

Endwise – Mind Fields EP

Technical Itch – Progression Threat

Centrifuga Volume 2.

Ian McDonald – Vishnu at the Cat Circus

The Response – Space Wind EP

Sorrow Leads To Salvation – Sacrifice EP

Jafu – Private Gain EP

Technical Itch – Dubs From The Lair

Plug & Play

Koil & Lady EMZ – Breakin’ Through EP

Visionz – Zonal Volume 2.

Jason Sanford – Heavenʼs Touch

Scars EP

Kepikei @ Subclub

Qadafee & Volor Flex – Imagination EP EP 001

Dwarde & Tim Reaper – The Raw EP

Technical Itch, The Panacea, Limewax – Everything VIP / Semisation


Blackleg @ Subclub

Technical Itch – The Failed Evolution EP

Loap spring/summer 2013

Úplný Konec poster

Koil – Parametrical EP

Channel Recordings sticker

Nina Allan – The Silver Wind

Technical Itch – The Machine Mind Ep

Jalex – Giant Rocks 80

Basscatz @ Subclub

Seereal – Evidence EP

Kezz Soulculture – Demons Gate EP



XB-1 cover illustration

Fizzy Christmas


Body explorers

Allen Steele – …Where Angels Fear to Tread

Gregory Benford – Immersion

Pulse 19: Gorilla Business

Daniel Abraham – Leviathan Wept

Pulse 18: Time Travel

Allen M. Steele – The Emperor of Mars

Loap spring/summer 2012


Greg Egan – Crystal Nights

Gregory Benford – The Clear Blue Seas of Luna

Back On Track


Memento Mori

John C. Wright – Twilight of the Gods

Loap autumn/winter 2011

Ivan Mls – Vitejte, mili mimozemstane

Imaginary Foundation / Evolve & Remix

Can’t Stop




The Machine


Bass Infusion vol.4

vector faces



Science fiction